How to use design variants in Facebook Ads Manager

A quick guide on how to change design variants of your product catalog in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Table of Contents

1. Make design variant in Confect2. Find the ad in Facebook Ads Manager3. Switch design variant on the ad

With Confect, you easily change the catalog design based on the ad - making it possible to use multiple designs with just one product catalog.

This means you can use a "bestseller design" in a Facebook ad showcasing your bestsellers, a summer design for your new summer ads, while still using your primary design for your always-on ads.

IMPORTANT We don't recommend using a multi-variant feed in a catalog connected to a Facebook/ Instagram Shop (Commerce Account).

There are a lot of use cases for this that can improve your performance, and you can find examples of that right here.

Changing the design of your ads is very easy and can be done in just 3 steps:

1. Make design variant in Confect

Inside Confect you need to setup your new design variant first.

This is done by going to "Catalogs" in Confect, and finding the specific catalog you are using on Facebook.

When you have your catalog, you can go and edit it - which will give you the option to add or edit your design variants.

Add a new variant, select the design, and eventually give it a name (so you can remember which to use).

Make sure that both the Confect Catalog and the data source inside Facebook Commerce Manager are updated.

2. Find the ad in Facebook Ads Manager

When your variant is created, you need to find the ad in your Facebook Ads Manager that you want to change the design for.

Find the ad and go into edit mode. Make sure that you have the Confect Chrome plugin installed, your Business Manager connected via the Confect integration, and that the ad is using your product catalog.

3. Switch design variant on the ad

IMPORTANT You need to connect your Business Manager in "Integrations", and install the Confect Chrome Plugin to do this, which you can add right here.

In the Ad setup of your Facebook Ad, you should have a Confect Options section. In here, you can click on the dropdown and select which design variant to use.

Make sure that the ad is published and not in draft mode when doing this. If an error occurs, the plugin should tell you how to fix it in a popup.

Both Confect and Facebook need to have the catalog updated, so if the changes don't occur, make sure that both the Confect catalog and the Facebook catalog are 100% updated.

You can make up to 20 different design variants, giving you many new use cases for your catalog ads. You can either A/B test different designs against each other or utilize more use cases for better performance.