Making your first Facebook feed

Create a product feed automation that updates automatically, ready to be used in a Facebook catalog

Table of Contents

Creating a customized and dynamic product feed1. Creating a feed2. Setting up the feed3. Generating creatives for all products4. Optional: Previewing the creatives

Using white-background packshots for Dynamic Product Ads works, but it can work much better if your images have a unique design that represents your brand and offer.

The “Product Feeds” feature in Confect allows you to generate a feed with fully customizable product images that can be added directly to your Facebook catalogs.

Once you have created your first design in Confect, it’s time to apply it to all your products automatically so you’re ready to import it into Facebook and start running better Dynamic Product Ads campaigns.

Creating a customized and dynamic product feed

Once you set up a product feed in Confect, you can easily change the design and have it updated automatically, you can schedule different designs for time-specific campaigns and reap many more benefits of eliminating bottlenecks in your paid social content production.

But first, we need to create your first Facebook feed. So let’s get started.

1. Creating a feed

The “Product Feeds” tab, under "Automation", is where all your feeds will be stored and can be edited.

This being your first feed, the tab will be empty. Simply click “Create your first feed” to get started.

2. Setting up the feed

It only takes four simple steps to generate a feed for an unlimited number of products.

Once the window appears for a new feed, name your automation, so you can keep track of your feeds in the future.

Click on “Select design” and choose the design you would like to use for this product feed. If you’re just starting, you will likely only have one design here, so click on it and click “Select” in the bottom right corner of the popup. 

Click on “Select channel” and choose the ad channel you want to use. Most likely, the first feed you create will be for Facebook, but there’s a number of other options available.

Lastly, click “Save” in the top right corner.

3. Generating creatives for all products

Confect will apply your design to all the products automatically, all you have to do is click “Generate Feed”.

This will lead to Confect rendering all the images, and can take from 1 minute to 20 minutes, depending on the number of products in your feed and the complexity of the design.

4. Optional: Previewing the creatives

Once your creatives have finished generating, you’ll be given a URL, ready to be used on Facebook.

Optionally, go into “Output Summary” at the top-center of the screen, and click “Preview” on the right side.

This is where you can make sure that everything has generated properly and see your entire feed for the first time.

You can also use the filter on the left side to only preview certain products, based on their data source attributes. Using this filter will not impact the finished feed or change anything, but only determine what you see in the “Output Summary”.

Congratulations! Your feed is now ready to be imported into Facebook Ad Manager.