Adding a new product feed

Add your data source URL to import all your products into Confect

Table of Contents

1. Add a new data source2. Select the type of images your feed is using3. Save the data source

To be able to use the Automation feature in Confect and create product feeds with customized designs, you must first upload a new data source with your product feed, so the algorithm has access to the product information and images.

If you don’t yet have a product feed, you can read about How to get a product feed? and Product feed requirements.

1. Add a new data source

Once you have your product feed URL ready, you’ll need to go into the “Settings” tab in Confect and click on “Data Sources”.

Click “Add data source” in the top right corner to upload your feed.

Once a new window opens, name the new data source, and paste in the feed URL.

2. Select the type of images your feed is using

The next step is to select what type of product images your feed includes. This is important to guarantee that the backgrounds from your images will be removed properly.

When you upload your feed, there will be three options available:

Packshots: Packshots are product images with a white, or solid color background. Selecting this option will remove backgrounds from images and give you a transparent image you can use in your designs.

If your feed includes packshots AND human models or photographs (a mixed feed), this is still the option to select. Our algorithm will scan through your feed and only remove backgrounds from packshots, while leaving human models and photographs with the background intact.

Human Models: If your products are displayed on models, select this option. If this is selected, the backgrounds will not be removed, and the original images from your feed will be used in the design.

It is not possible to remove backgrounds from “Human Models” images, as the cutout person would look unnatural. 

Photographs: Select this option if your product images are not placed on a solid color background. This setting will not remove the background and leave the original image from the feed.

It is not possible to remove photograph backgrounds, as our algorithm cannot determine the product from other objects in the image.

Click “Select” on the option that describes the product images in your feed.

3. Save the data source

Finally, click “Add” if you’re adding a new data source, or “Save” if you’re editing a current one, to save the changes.

It may take 2 to 20 minutes for a new data source to completely upload, depending on the size and complexity of the product feed.

Congrats! You’re now ready to start using Confect.