Get a product feed URL (data source)

If you don't have a feed URL, create one to import your products

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Suggested apps:Shopify shopsWooCommerce shopsOther solutions

Confect works by using product info from a simple text file known as a product feed.

You just add this file's (typically an XML or CSV file) URL to Confect for a one-time setup. Then, your product details will update in Confect automatically every hour.

Confect is compatible with Google Shopping's standards. This means if you use Catalog Ads on Meta or Google Shopping, you likely already have the right feed. For more details, check our article on data source requirements.

Confect needs a feed URL to import your products. Check if you already have one; or if you need to create it

See if you have a feed:
- In the Meta Commerce Manager (Catalog > Data sources).
- Or Feeds in Google Merchant Center (Feed > Settings).

To generate a feed:
Catalogs with a direct Shopify or WooCommerce integration don't have a URL. Get one like this:
- Use one of the easy plugins further down in this article.
- Or use other advanced third-party solutions.

Suggested apps:

Shopify shops

The Google Shopping Feed app by AdWords Robot is our top pick. It starts at 7$ a month and works well.

For a free option, consider the Flexify: Facebook Product Feed Shopify app if you have under 1,000 products. When using Flexify, make sure to create a "Standalone feed."

Check the "Other solutions" section for more advanced and custom use-cases.

WooCommerce shops

We suggest the free and open source CTX Feed plugin - perfect for creating feeds. You can find more free plugins for WooCommerce.

However, the options in "Other solutions" come with help and support.

Other solutions

For other systems such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more, we suggest looking into DataFeedWatch, Channable, and WakeupData.

They offer various paid plans and personal help, depending on what you need.