Getting a product feed data source

If you don't yet have a product feed, create one to import your products into Confect

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RecommendationsFor ShopifyFor WoocommerceFor other systems and paid solutions

Confect works by pulling product data from a so-called product feed, which is just a simple text file containing information about your products. The resulting product feed is a URL that you simply insert into Confect, and all product info will automatically sync to Confect after the initial setup.

To get a product feed you usually need to install a plugin or use a product feed export tool. In this article we highlight the recommended ways to get a product feed that will work in Confect.

Confect follows the Google Shopping specifications. This means that if you're already using Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook or Google Shopping, you probably already have a supported feed. Otherwise you need to set this up for your specific e-commerce system. For more information about the types of feed Confect supports see the Product Feed Requirements article.


Using a good product feed plugin or tool allows you to customize and improve your data, so that you can get full utilization of all the possibilities in Confect. Below is a list of our recommendations when deciding how to create your product feed.

For Shopify

For basic shopify needs we recommend the Google Shopping Feed app by AdWords Robot. It does not have a free plan, but works better than a lot of the other tools, and is comparatively cheap (just 7$ a month).

If you have less than 1000 products, and just want a simple and free solution, the Flexify: Facebook Product Feed Shopify App might fit your needs.

Otherwise the tools listed below in "Other systems and paid solutions" are a universally good solution.

For Woocommerce

For Woocommerce our recommended product feed solution is CTX Feed, which is a free and Open Source plugin for creating product feeds. Other free plugins exist in the Wordpress plugin directory.

For paid solutions with help and support see the "Other systems and paid solutions" below.

For other systems and paid solutions

For other systems such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more, we recommend looking into tools such as DataFeedWatch and WakeupData. Their pricing plans may fit different needs, and the best choice probably differs on a case-by-case basis.