Change the design based on rules

Assign templates based on product filters, or schedule future campaigns.

Table of Contents

1. Decide on which designs to use2. Add the design rulesTo use product fieldsTo use a schedule3. Select the design4. Preview the output

Sometimes, changing a product's design can be helpful to emphasize a special occasion.

You might want to switch designs for products on sale, products in different categories, or for specific campaigns like Black Friday, Christmas, or Halloween to let your shoppers know about relevant offers.

With design rules, you can create conditions based on product information for when should a certain design be used. For example, automatically using a "SALE" design for discounted products.

Useful for:
- Items on sale or new releases.
- Using a different design for different categories (product sets).
- Highlighting certain key products (i.e. special bestseller design).
- Automatically scheduling campaign designs (i.e. for Black Friday).

In Confect, you can do this using Design Rules within "Catalogs" without creating extra catalogs or manually switching designs for time-sensitive campaigns.

This function allows you to set up rules for when a product should automatically switch to a different design. You can either choose to do this based on product fields, or based on a schedule.

1. Decide on which designs to use

The first step before setting up the design rules is to decide what new design you want certain products to switch to. This can be based on any product field, or a schedule. 

Some common examples: Sale design, New release design, Bestseller design, Specific category design (product sets), Time-sensitive campaign design (i.e. Black Friday)

When you’ve decided on the design rules, create the designs.

Here is an example of a couple of finished designs for different design rules.

2. Add the design rules

Go into "Catalogs" and click on the catalog you're using. Then, click "Edit" in the top-right corner.

Click on "Design Rules" on the left-hand side.

The two most common uses are either "Highlight Sale" or "Schedule future campaign". If these fit your current use case, feel free to select it, or click "Add rule from scratch".

You can either apply a design if the product matches a filter or schedule a design for a specific time period.

To use product fields

  • Click "Add product filter"
  • Then, click on "Edit product filter", browse the options available and choose the product properties that will cause the design to be changed. 
  • Scroll down and click "Apply"

To use a schedule

A scheduled design rule is very similar to a product filter rule, but will change the design based on a date and time; great for time-sensitive campaigns.

⚠️ IMPORTANT Remember to set your time zone under "Settings > Account" when using a schedule.

  • Click "Add schedule"
  • Then, add the start and end date for the time period.

3. Select the design

Once you’ve added the design rule, be it a product filter or schedule, click on "Select design" and choose the design that should be applied.

Remember to click on "Save rule".

Lastly, click the "Save" button in the top right corner.

You can add as many design rules as you want, but keep in mind that the rules on top have priority over the rules on the bottom.

In this example, we’ve scheduled a VALENTINE'S DAY design, set up a SALE design, and a CHAMPAGNE CATEGORY design for products that are in the champagne category.

4. Preview the output

The designs will update automatically once every hour, but if you’d like to see your new changes now, go to the "Information" tab in the catalog and click on the "↻" icon.

Wait for the new images to render and preview the creatives in "Inspect".

Congratulations, looking great!