Adding and using product assets

Upload media for different product attributes, and have it change in the design based on the product

Table of Contents

Creating product assetsUsing product assets in designs

Product Assets allows you to create a dynamic image that changes in a design, based on an attribute of a product, included in your product feed.

Once created, these can be reused in any design. See the examples below.

This is an example of a product asset. Here, custom_label_0 (an attribute in the product feed) stores information about which country the wine is from. According to this, we’ve added a flag for each country of origin and displayed it dynamically in a design.

Another example could be changing the product asset based on the brand, which allows you to display the brand logo next to the product (if you sell products from different manufacturers).

Creating product assets

1. Go into “Assets” and then click “Product assets” in the left hand menu

2. Click “Create new product asset”

3. Create a new Product Asset Package

  • Give it a name
  • Choose an attribute you want to add pictures for (i.e. brand, category, custom label, etc.) and click “Create”

4. Now add media (images) for each attribute option

  • If you select “brand” for example, all brands included in your feed will automatically be displayed
  • Click individually on each option and upload the product asset (logo in this example)

5. Click “Save”

Using product assets in designs

Once you’ve created a product asset, you can click “Add asset” at the top of the layer tab inside the design editor.

Select which product asset to use (if you have multiple), scale and position this in your design to fit the creative. The image will change automatically to match the product being displayed.