Inserting additional images to designs

Include additional images from your product feed to show off different angles, or highlight a feature

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Adding additional imagesAdjusting additional imagesOptional: Hiding the original image

In certain cases, it can be valuable to also show additional product images, in addition to the main image, to show off the product from different angles or perhaps highlight certain details.

Confect allows you to import more than one image into your feed, and show them off in your designs.

This can only be done if your feed includes additional images, so make sure your product feed data source includes the “additional_image_link” column before starting.

Adding additional images

The way this works inside Confect is that you can change the settings of a shape layer to show a number of additional images.

So then the first step is to “Add a shape” by clicking the icon on top of the layer tab, in the top-left corner.

Now, click on the “Color type” dropdown menu in the “Shape settings” tab on the right side of your screen, and select which additional image you want to show (you can submit up to 10 in your data source).

You can add as many additional images as you wish.

Adjusting additional images

Now, you can click on the additional image, scale it up or down, and change the position in the design.

When scaling this image, the aspect ratio will not change by default and will remain the same. If you’d like to change this, toggle on “Stretch in cell” under “Shape settings” to have the additional image take up the entire size of the layer. This will not unnaturally stretch out the image, but instead crop it to fit the layer.

Optional: Hiding the original image

If you’d like to not have the original image showing in the ad, it is possible to do this, however not by deleting the product element.

As it’s a Dynamic Product Ad, the product layer needs to be present so all information can load properly. Therefore, the product layer cannot be deleted.

If you’d like to remove the original image from the design, instead of deleting it, click on the options dropdown next to the layer and select “Settings”.

Change the opacity to 0% and click “OK” to save this.

This will make the product non-visible in your design, while also keeping it in so the algorithm can properly load all information into Facebook, or any other advertising channel.