Analyzing clients' industries

How to access valuable insights from your clients' industries

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Tagging clients into industriesAccess to insights for an industryHow to use the insights in your own marketing

As an agency, you probably know best that the optimal solution for each client is different. But that doesn’t mean there’s no common pattern. And one of the best ways we have found is looking at the aggregated industry trends of your clients.

If many of your clients in the fashion industry experience a positive improvement in performance from a certain design change, chances are that it could also help your other clients in the fashion industry.

With Industry Analytics, you can easily access all this data and use it to improve your service even further, or share it to increase your own reputation and credibility.

Tagging clients into industries

To be able to view the insights for a specific industry, you will first need to go into “Industry Tagging”, and manually tag all your clients’ accounts with one, or more, industries by clicking on them inside the “Client Industry Tagging” tab.

In order to do this, it is necessary to integrate your agency’s Facebook Manager, which gives Confect access to the performance data from your clients’ accounts.

Remember that the more clients you add to an industry, the more broad and reliable the average will be.

Access to insights for an industry

Once you tag and segment your clients into industries, you will be able to access the data for a specific industry.

Simply click “View” on the industry you’d like to learn more about to browse through the available insights. You can also refresh the dataset if you believe the information is outdated.

How to use the insights in your own marketing

Aside from using the insights to improve the service for your clients, it can also be valuable to use them in your own marketing. 

Very few advertisers have access to these types of insights, which can put you in a unique and knowledgeable position as marketing professionals.

At Confect, we use the insights available to us to create blogs, webinars, email newsletters, as well as LinkedIn posts to share this value with our audience and build our credibility.

Use this for your inspiration. If you have the insights, why not use them?

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