Design inspiration for model or photo product images

Catalog Ads with products on models or lifestyle product images.

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Left or right sideTop or bottomMiddle or filledAdditional images

We have collected a lot of screenshots of Catalog Ads we have seen over time, so you can get inspiration.

Making designs with product images as human models or photos can sometimes feel like a struggle since it doesn't have a transparent background.

Typically it depends on the nature your product images. If product images are in portrait mode, it's often placed to the left or the right. If product images are square or landscape, it's often placed in the top, in the bottom, or in the middle.

If you have additional images for the products, it can be a great idea to utilize these too.

If you want to see design examples for products with packshots instead, you can see that here.

Left or right side

Top or bottom

Middle or filled

Additional images

Hopefully you have collected some interesting designs that can inspire you to make even better Catalog Ads.

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