Use a SFTP feed as a data source

Upload a SFTP feed as a data source in Confect

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Understanding a SFTP feedInserting a SFTP linkTroubleshooting

A Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol for securely accessing and transferring large files and sensitive data.

If your data source, containing your product information, is formatted as a SFTP feed, this guide will take you through how to upload it to Confect to load all your products.

Understanding a SFTP feed

Each SFTP feed will have a link, a username, and a password.

All three are necessary to correctly upload it into Confect.

For example:

Username: USERNAME
Password: PASSWORD

In the "Settings -> Data Sources" tab in Confect. The information needs to be formatted in a specific way to provide the system with sufficient information to retrieve all the products.

Insert your SFTP as such:


For example:



In some cases, your SFTP feed may not be linking to just one feed, but instead to a directory of multiple feeds. The easiest way to imagine this is as folders within a folder on your desktop.

In that case, it will be necessary to specify the path to your desired data source feed.

Your path could for example be "/feeds/FB" and contain these files:




In Confect, only one data source needs to be uploaded, so you'll have to specify which feed you want our system to access.

Insert the information as such:


In this example, if you wanted to access the data source for Great Britain (en_GB), you'd write the link as such: