Product feed requirements

See the format requirements for a product feed data source in Confect

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Field requirementsMinimum requirementsRecommended extra fieldsFormatsAtom 1.0 XML RSS 2.0 XMLCSVComma-separated:Semi-colon-separated:Images in the feedAdditional imagesXMLCSVMore info

A product feed is a text-file usually in the .xml or .csv format. It describes all the products in an eCommerce shop, including info such as name, brand, category, etc.

Confect works by pulling these feeds once an hour and running automations based on changes in the feed. For example, if a price changes, the product feed automations will be updated to use the newest price.

Confect follows the Google Shopping Product Data Specification, and all fields listed here are supported. Confect additionally also supports custom fields, so any field not listed in the specification will still be available for filtering inside Confect.

Field requirements

Confect requires relatively few fields to function, but some extra fields are recommended for the best experience.

Minimum requirements


Confect currently supports product feeds in the following listed formats.

NOTE: Prefixing fields inside a namespace, for example having fields like “g: the title” is very common in Google Shopping fields, and this is optionally supported.

Atom 1.0 XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <title>A nice blue shirt</title>
        <brand>Justin Blue</brand>
        <price>65 USD</price>
        <sale_price>30 USD</sale_price>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0">
      <title>A nice blue shirt</title>
      <brand>Justin Blue</brand>
      <price>65 USD</price>
      <sale_price>30 USD</sale_price>


Confect supports most types of CSV and automatically detects the delimiter. It is, however, recommended to use a comma (,) or a semicolon (;).


ABC-123,A nice blue shirt,Shirts,https://link-to-the-product,Justin Blue,65 USD,30 USD;https://link-to-the-image


ABC-123;A nice blue shirt;Shirts;https://link-to-the-product;Justin Blue;65 USD;30 USD;https://link-to-the-image

Images in the feed

As of right now, Confect will only remove the background and use the primary image in the feed. It is therefore important that your primary image is the one you wish to use in Confect.

Additional images

Confect does, however, support inserting additional_images from the feed in a design, just with the original background not removed. This is still useful in a lot of cases.

To include more images in your feeds, refer to the following examples:


In XML one just includes as many additional_image_link as you want. The order is important if you have specific images in specific locations.

  <name>Nice Dress</name>


To include additional images in CSV, separate each extra image in the “additional_image_link” field with a comma. If your CSV delimiter is "," as well, you need to double quote the field.

1,Nice Dress,https://image1,"https://image2,https://image3"

More info

For more information about including additional images in product feeds, please refer to the Google Merchant Center Definition.