Agency workshops and assistance

Book an onboarding workshop for your agency, or request help with creating demo designs

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Onboarding workshopsExtra benefits

It is extremely important to us that you become an expert user of Confect and deliver maximum value to your clients using our tools.

When starting out as an agency user, we want to make sure you can use Confect to its fullest. That’s why we offer free workshops for onboarding, or getting deeper into a specific feature.

Onboarding workshops

You can book an agency workshop regarding an overall introduction to Confect for you or your new colleagues, the creation of designs and catalogs for Catalog Ads, or the use of our Inspiration feature.

We will tailor the contents of this workshop to your needs, be it walking through a feature or dealing with a specific obstacle in your process.

You can do this via the live chat, or by sending us an email.

Extra benefits

We will go above and beyond to make sure you receive the help you need.

This includes creating demo designs for your new clients if needed, or helping you solve any issues you may encounter.